SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand: How It Works

Using the intuitive interface in SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, you can upload a spreadsheet, bring in different data sources, and explore your data with the software's unique search and browse functionality.

The integrated solution lets you create accurate, timely dashboards and reports. That means you no longer need to pull together sales reports from various sources or manually create pivot tables, charts, and graphs. You can also perform ad hoc, what-if analyses. There's no need to share spreadsheets and reports via e-mail or paper - instead, you can share the information online.

How To Get Started

Sign up for free now and you'll see videos that explain how you can start using BI OnDemand right away. To start using BI OnDemand with your ad-hoc data, try the ideas below.

1. Create a data set by uploading a spreadsheet from your desktop.

2. Combine two or more data sets to create a single report.

3. Explore your data and then create a formatted visualization with one click.

4. Share your data sets and visualizations with others.

5. Create a dashboard of frequently viewed reports.